Show Me What You've Got... If You Dare.

Halloween is in peril!

When a group of rowdy villagers wandered through their neighbor’s pumpkin patch, trampling all but one lone pumpkin, they gave rise to a vengeful spirit. Now he comes back every October, looking for one-of-a- kind pumpkin creations to add to his collection. The countdown to his arrival starts now. Will you be ready?


We came, we carved, we conquered.

Halloween is over, and the frightening fun must come to an end.

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We'll see you next year for more wicked displays of pumpkin talent.
Until then: stay spooky, my friends!

Everyone knows my face... but few know my story.

The name’s Jacko, but that’s King Jack to you. You see, Halloween wasn’t really Halloween until I came around. It was about 500 years ago… a gang of fools dressed up as ghosts were chasing “evil spirits” out of their town when they trampled on all my friends in the pumpkin patch. Everyone but little old me…. After the dust had settled and the people had fled away, something came over me. Suddenly, my roots grew nearly 100 times my size! I sprouted arms and legs and became the dashing pumpkin king you see today. In a blind rage, I stormed into town, looking for the cursed men who had trampled my friends and left me for dead. As I approached, all was dark save for one shining beacon upon a porch. Lo and behold, it was a pumpkin who looked just like me: million-dollar smile, great color, the whole nine yards.

I was so delighted with this tribute that I forgot why I’d come to town in the first place. I left with my pint-sized friend in tow and found a dark, secluded spot in the woods to rest until the next Halloween. Today, I come back to town once a year in search of worthy tributes, only leaving when I’ve found pumpkins worthy of my respect. Fortunately, I’ve found some creative souls at a little company called Adcetera who seem to know just what I like. Be warned: A carved smile and a candle used to do the trick, but these days I’ve gotten a bit more…. picky. The clock is ticking and my arrival is nigh! So be ready, the spirit of the season is at stake.

Batcetera 2017

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